Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Online ID Calculator: a review

I am digitally distinct! Visit onlineIDCalculator.com
I just retook the Online ID Calculator test to reacquaint myself with how the results look.  I score high diversity and purity (relevancy, and I'm not sure why they didn't choose to just make it my relevancy level rather than my purity level).  It seems I do need more "validation" through endorsements, however.  The calculator mentions only two tools and both were unfamiliar: 

  • BranchOut -- a Facebook application that according to their website is unavailable as they are "currently updating their services," and asks us to "update your work and education details on your Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same."  Not very helpful...

  • BeKNOWN -- MonsterJobs.com application that allows you to connect your Facebook where you can make connections between Facebook friends and jobs/organizations for which you are interested in applying.

Along with LinkedIn endorsements, I'm thinking that Facebook Page likes, blog & twitter followers and retweets might be a better measure of influence, personal branding and media presence.  I'm disappointed that the calculator doesn't take such into account.